Advanced Agriculture Technology and Bioscience Industries

Iowa’s strong agricultural roots and history of heavy manufacturing are driving opportunities for entrepreneurial value-added businesses in Western Iowa. The region offers many advantages to businesses in this sector, including its convenient central location, low costs of doing business, and experienced, hard-working employees who exemplify the legendary Midwestern work ethic.

Strong Existing Agriculture Industry

Western Iowa’s rural landscape and rich agricultural history make it the perfect place for value-added agricultural services. Opportunities include scientific and technical consulting services, soil preparation services, veterinary services in support of agriculture, and many more.

Manufacturing operations in this sector support the global agriculture industry. The following industries employ over 700 people in the Western Iowa region.

  • Agriculture, Construction & Mining Machinery Manufacturing
  • Boiler, Tank & Shipping Container Manufacturing
  • Plastics Product Manufacturing
  • Other Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing
  • Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
  • Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing

Advantageous Business Environment

No sales and use tax on manufacturing machinery and business equipment purchases.

No property tax on new industrial machinery and business equipment.

No personal property tax, including corporate inventories of goods-in-process, raw materials and salable goods.

Iowa Corporate Income Tax

  • 50% deductibility of federal taxes from Iowa corporate income
  • Single-factor, non-unitary based only on the percentage of total sales income within the state

Access To Markets

With its centralized location and convenient Interstate access, companies in Western Iowa have access to an abundance of raw materials and a market of over 25 million people within a day’s drive (500 miles). (source:

Western Iowa is home to many advanced manufacturing companies that provide machinery and technology to the traditional agriculture industry.

Deere & Company Agriculture Equipment 100-150
Puck Custom Enterprises Manure Application Equipment 25-50
Agri Drain Drainage Systems 25-50
DICA Outrigger Pads 0-25
Accu Steel Fabric Coverall Buildings 0-25
Applegate Livestock Equipment Livestock Fencing 0-25
Frehse Manufacturing Agriculture Equipment 0-25

Legendary Midwestern Work Ethic

According to employers in the region, the work ethic and productivity of employees in the Western Iowa region are higher than their counterparts in other locations across the US. These favorable business conditions provide for the perfect place to locate in the region, and may be the reason why many employers say they would not think about leaving. 

Wage Comparison

Wages for manufacturing occupations provide employers with a great value and contribute to the low cost of doing business.

All Production Occupations $16.34 $17.06
Machinists $18.41 $19.97
Welders, Cutters, Solderers, & Brazers $17.36 $19.25
First-Line Supervisors of Production and Operating Workers $25.49 $28.39
Engine & Other Machine Assemblers $17.99 $19.32
Metal Workers and Plastic Workers, All Other $17.44 $18.33
Average All Occupations $19.77 $22.01

Because of the advantages of doing business in Western Iowa, many employers say they would not consider leaving the region.


Utilities in the Western Iowa region are easily accessible, inexpensive, and reliable. Gas and electric are supplied by 10+ utility companies, providing reliable service at competitive prices.

Fiber is available in the region and expansion is underway


The number of people with a two-year degree in the Western Iowa region is 2.5% higher than the U.S. (source:

The four community colleges that serve the region offer a variety of degrees, certifications, and training programs in agriculture and manufacturing related fields.

Des Moines Area Community College


  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Engineering Technology
  • Industrial Electro-Mechanical Technology

Iowa Central Community College


  • Electrical Technologies
  • Agricultural Technology
  • Industrial Business
  • Process Technology
  • Supply Chain Management

Southwestern Community College


  • Agricultural Business
  • Electrical Technology

Western Iowa Tech Community College


  • Agribusiness Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Robotics, Automation, & Industrial Maintenance


State & Local Incentives

  • RISE/Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy – DOT road improvements
  • Rail Revolving Loan & Grant – DOT rail improvements
  • EDSA/Economic Development Set-Aside Program – IEDA assistance (CDBG) for businesses
  • PFSA /Public Facilities Set-Aside Program – IEDA assistance (CDBG) for public infrastructure
  • High Quality Jobs Program – IEDA tax credits
  • 260E & 260F – Job training & retraining through community colleges
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Revolving Loan Funds/RLF (both regional and local)
  • Tax Increment Financing/TIF (local)
  • Tax abatement (local)

“We take advantage of the R&D credits, and the training fund is a great benefit.” Kris Stringham, HR & Office Manager at Agri Drain

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