Sac County

Lake View & Black Hawk Lake

Black Hawk Lake is Iowa's southern-most glacial lake and features a state park with CCC-constructed buildings and restored WPA community piers. The Sauk Rail Trail's northern terminus is in this Iowa Tourism Community of the Year. For more information please visit,

Andy Williams Birthplace & CNW Depot

Wall Lake is home to the restored birthplace of Andy Williams, whose father was a railroad employee in the adjacent restored depot. For more information please visit,

World's Largest Popcorn Ball

Alongside Main Street in Sac City, along the former US20 route, is housed the world's largest popcorn ball. Testament to the county's deep history in popcorn production, the story of this achievement is documented on the website of Noble Popcorn, a local business that distributes popular snacks nation-wide. For more information please visit,

Barn Quilts

Take a tour of the picturesque countryside and see a multitude of quilt patterns displayed on barns throughout the county. For more information please visit,

Chautauqua Building

Built in 1908, Sac City’s Chautauqua Building is the last remaining of its kind in Iowa. It is an enclosed auditorium built to house programs that included lectures, humor, singing, instrumental concerts and preaching. The building boasts historical pictures of the cities and murals of county communities. The building is today used for events, community gatherings, and family picnics, and is open to the public daily.