Western Iowa is in the midst of one of the world's most fertile agricultural areas. So perhaps it's fitting that it's such an outstanding place to grow in business and in life. These days, many successful companies are taking advantage of Western Iowa's favorable economic climate to produce and market their goods and services nationally and internationally. These companies benefit from business-friendly state policies and the region's highly trained and productive workforce.

What Is Western Iowa Advantage?

Western Iowa Advantage is a collaborative effort of economic development officials in Audubon, Calhoun, Carroll, Crawford, Greene, Ida and Sac Counties. The mission of this consortium is to work cooperatively in an effort to effectively market the many viable economic assets of this region. This effort will help build a stronger local, regional and statewide economy. The results of our work will manifest themselves in job creation in specific industry clusters already prevalent in the region — in particular, manufacturing, renewable energy and biosciences — as well as in other existing industries currently thriving here. Western Iowa Advantage is also committed to facilitating ongoing improvements in quality of life-oriented amenities, increased tourism and other areas that will enrich the livability of the region.

Western Iowa Advantage offers its knowledge and expertise as an advocate for its region and looks forward to partnering with those businesses currently working in the region, as well as those considering relocation and/or expansion in the area. Please utilize our services as you consider all that Western Iowa has to offer your business. We look forward to assisting you with everything from location searches, permits, financial/tax incentive programs, utilities, workforce demographics, job-training programs and more.

2020 In Review: The Foundation We’ve Built Still Stands

Remembering What’s Important In A Challenging Year

Let’s face it — it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the first events of this new decade. As developers, we’re drawn to words like “growth”, “progress” and “investment”. But lately we’ve been saying things like “downturn”, “surviving” and “recovery”. While our plans for the year may have been temporarily rearranged, we have each experienced surprising effects in our communities; some of them surprisingly positive. We’ve seen the networks we’ve built become vital as we lear n from each other. We’ve watched our communities pull together to help those suffering most. We’ve even seen people using the slowdown as an opportunity to s tart or improve a business, and we’ve talked to old acquaintances looking for s omewhere new to locate… somewhere calm and that feels like home… a place like Western Iowa. We certainly have challenges to overcome, but the quality of life and the connections we’ve built together will certainly endure. We will all work together to ensure it.

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