Dobson Pipe Organ Builders Invites Public To July 5 Groundbreaking For Their New Lake City Facility

15 Jun 2023


Dobson Pipe Organ Builders President and Owner, John Panning, announced today (Thursday) plans for a public groundbreaking ceremony for their new facilities in Lake City. The announcement comes two years to the day that a devastating fire destroyed the iconic musical instrument shop on the northeast corner of Lake City’s downtown. Panning says it has been a challenging couple of years for the company and staff.

Panning announced in February 2022 that Dobson Pipe Organ Builders had contracted with Des Moines architects, ASK Studios, and Carroll’s Badding Construction to rebuild on the same site in Lake City. Lake City is not the first place most people would think of as the home of one of the world’s premier organ manufacturers. Panning says they had considered relocating to an area where international shipping was not as much of a challenge. In the end, he says Lake City was the place that felt like home for the company.

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