Landus And New Odebolt Manufacturer Partner To Bring Revenue Options To Area Farmer Owners

23 Apr 2021


Last November, Corn Board Manufacturing Inc. announced their intentions to construct a 50,000+ square foot production facility just outside of Odebolt for corn stover-based wood alternative products. Construction is underway on the physical structure while relationships are being built to bring the needed raw materials from local farmers to the plant. CEO of Corn Board Manufacturing, Lane Segerstrom, says stover is very difficult to transport long distances, so it needs to be locally sourced. Landus Cooperative has announced it is working with the manufacturer to do what they can to help fulfill that need and provide added revenue opportunities to their farmer owners. “At Landus, we put our farmer owners at the center of all we do and we are committed to developing opportunities for both improved profitability and sustainability,” says Landus President and CEO, Matt Carstens. “Corn Board Manufacturing with their innovative business model and product appears to be an excellent fit with these goals.” The Odebolt production facility will use the stover to build pallets that will weigh less but have the same, if not stronger, structural integrity as the traditional wood version. The pallets will also have a longer life span. “We will not only pay each farmer for the corn stover left in their fields following harvest, we will bale and transport it as well,” says Segerstrom. “We look forward to working with Landus farmer owners to supply our new plant.” For more information, producers can contact Molly Toot at Landus by emailing to

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