Volquartsen Firearms Makes the Most of Carroll County, Iowa Infrastructure and Workforce

Volquartsen Firearms Makes the Most of Carroll County, Iowa Infrastructure and Workforce Main Photo

7 Jan 2021


Volquartsen Firearms is a Carroll County, Iowa success story. Scott Volquartsen, president and second generation co-owner with his brother, Nic, strives to continue what their father, Tom, began in 1986 — designing and engineering rimfire guns to the highest standards using the best possible materials and technologies. 

This Carroll County legacy truly began in the 1970s when Tom started out as a hobbyist gunsmith working nights and weekends out of his basement. Once he was established as a full-time gunsmith in the 1980s, he was published and featured in several firearms publications. That publicity increased demand and changed the course of the business. Tom saw potential in the rimfire market and through determination and hard work laid the foundation for what Volquartsen Firearms has become today.

When asked just how specialized the market is for rimfire rifles, pistols, and parts, Scott said, “It would definitely be considered a niche market. However the nice thing about dealing in rimfires, and primarily 22s, is that you would be hard pressed to find a firearms enthusiast who doesn't own at least one 22.”

Scott grew up working in Volquartsen Firearms. “It may have been just sweeping the floors or cleaning machines, but I have been involved as far back as I can remember,” he said. “The most gratifying part of working in the family business is being able to see it grow from what was just an idea that our Dad had into what it is today, and more importantly what we feel it can become in the future.”

They have an eye on the future with their competitive shooting team — Team Volquartsen. “I have been heavily involved in putting together Team Volquartsen and the shooters that represent us,” Scott said. “ We have been very fortunate to be able to put together a team of world-class shooters who have won multiple world titles, but it's more important to us that they are world class individuals. For us, the team is more about representing our company and bringing new shooters into the sport than it is about winning.”

Volquartsen Firearms counts bringing in new customers as a major focus. “We love to be able to help bring new shooters into our industry,” Scott said. “For many, the firearm world can be intimidating, but I would strongly encourage anybody who is interested in learning about shooting to reach out and use us as a resource. We can help point them in the right direction. We are very fortunate that there is now an indoor range in Carroll and there is no better place to learn than there.”

“One of the biggest benefits of being located in Carroll is the quality of people we are able to find locally to add to our employee team,” Scott said. “We hire almost exclusively from Carroll and the surrounding area and I think it would be hard to find workers any more loyal. We currently employ 23 full-time employees. We have always believed if we hire good people we can easily train them.”

“From a business perspective, it helps that Carroll is located on two major highways making the logistics of shipping a non-issue compared to other towns of comparable size,” Scott said. 

From a personal perspective, Scott was born and raised in Carroll. “I think Carroll is a great place to raise a family,” said Scott. “ It has a small town feel, but still has plenty to offer with two great school systems to choose from.”

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