Remington Seeds Thrives in Sac County Iowa

Remington Seeds Thrives in Sac County Iowa Main Photo

5 Oct 2020


Sac County Iowa is home to one of 20 soybean facilities within the Remington Seeds family where “production is more than science, it’s an art.” Schaller, Iowa is an ideal location for a division of the largest third party seed producer in the world because of its “very productive soils and its outstanding group of growers/farmers to partner with producing soybeans,” according to Kent Grieme, Schaller location manager.

Remington Seeds is dedicated to utilizing cutting-edge technology in all of their processes. Where science meets art is the balance of that latest technology with tried and true production techniques to deliver the highest quality product. As is true for all of Remington Seeds, the Sac County location is dedicated to providing systems and services that deliver solutions in the production, processing and distribution of seed. In 2018, they invested in a business expansion and built a new conditioning and packaging facility at their Schaller location.

“We upgraded our cleaning, conditioning, packaging equipment, dust control, and software to the latest technologies,” said Grieme. “This included items such as color sorters which can detect and remove impurities in the seed by the color as well as by the shape of the seed. In theory, every seed gets looked at and is determined to be good or bad. Only the best seed ends up in a package to be planted the next spring. Technology is always changing and at Remington Seeds we keep up with these changes so we can satisfy our customers’ needs, and ultimately the farmer who plants the seed.”

The Schaller location contracts with local growers/farmers in the area to plant and produce the seed. “The growers are a very important part of our business,” said Grieme.

This sense of western Iowa community extends to Remington Seed’s employees and customers too. They employ 13 full-time employees and six to eight seasonal workers.

“We have always taken the approach of treating our employees like family,” said Grieme,  “where we all work together to reach our goal of providing the best quality seeds to our customers. We do this by living by our business principles of safety, respect, customer service and efficiency . . .  in this order. We offer competitive wages and benefits for employees and strive to keep our work environment fun and enjoyable. Keeping our processes and procedures simple is one of our rules of operations.”

“Our goal is to make our customers happy by providing the best quality seed at a competitive cost,” said Grieme. “To achieve this goal, we developed a customer-first ideology and built our business principles around that philosophy. Remington’s culture of customer service and quality is embedded in our employees who accept the challenge of providing the highest quality seed for our customer.”

These three straightforward yet profound principles — customers first, keep it simple, and treat employees as family — have taken Remington Seeds from an idea imagined by two farmers to the largest third party seed producer in the world. Remington Seeds has upwards of 40 locations in the United States where they produce seed corn, soybeans, wheat, sorghum, canola, sunflowers and cover crops. To partner with Remington Seeds to deliver the highest quality seed to your consumers, or to make any other inquiries, call 219.261.3444 or complete their contact form.

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