Western Iowa Advantage’s New Website Helping Businesses Thrive!

Western Iowa Advantage’s New Website Helping Businesses Thrive! Main Photo

17 Jul 2019

Western Iowa Advantage (WIA) recently launched a new website was designed to help businesses thrive and succeed in the area. WIA is a collaborative organization which consists of people from 8 different counties in Western Iowa. These counties are Adair, Audubon, Carroll, Crawford, Greene, Guthrie, Ida, and Sac Counties. This mission of this group is to work together to market the viable economic assets of the region to potential business owners and site selectors. Western Iowa is an expanding and thriving region with plenty of potential for businesses located there to succeed. Western Iowa Advantage’s mission is to help achieve this and their new website is helping provide invaluable information on the region.

One way WIA is helping achieve this mission is by creating their new interactive and highly informational website! The WIA website offers businesses an in-depth look at the region and its local communities. The website also features available properties and sites for sale and lease in the region. Information on each local county is provided here as well as information on the leading industries and business climate for the area! The Western Iowa Advantage website offers potential business owners looking for a site location a wealth of data and information on the area. Business owners and site selectors are encouraged to use this information when looking at what area in the region would be the best fit for their business.  

One of the most informative sections of the website is the Site Selectors tab. When users look under this tab, they will see all available properties that are for sale or lease to businesses. These properties are broken down into sites, buildings, and featured sites. There is also information on target industries in the area, major employers, business advantages and more! This site selector section of the WIA area gives business owners the option to freely browse through all available sites within this 8-county region. This should allow businesses looking for a prime location to find the ideal location for their needs. The information here also allows business owners to learn more about the target industries in each county as well as information on the major employers who are already succeeding in the area.

Other informative features found on the new WIA website are the county and regional profiles. These profiles give an in-depth look into each county as well as the region as a whole. These profiles are filled with detailed demographic information such as population count and expected population growth rates, age and diversity information, and household statistics. These county profiles also break down the business climate into demographics, highlighting such data as total business count, total employed in the county, target industries, and average commute time for the workforce. The regional profile has the same demographics highlighted for the entire region, all counties combined, to give an overall in-depth view of the Western Iowa area.

The WIA website is helping businesses thrive and succeed by providing vital information for success in the area for businesses looking for a great location to relocate or expand their business. Here you will find detailed information on each county and the region as a whole, including count and regional profiles, site selector information on all available properties, and other important news and resources available through Western Iowa Advantage. To learn more about this thriving and expanding area please visit westerniowaadvantage.com.

If you would like to contact Western Iowa Advantage directly for more information on the region, please contact Shannon Landauer or Evan Blakley at s.landauer@carrolliowa.com or eblakley@cdcia.org.