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One of Western Iowa’s seven counties could be the place you call home. So take a look around. We’re glad you’re here.

dollar bill iconCost of Living:

As low as 80% of the national average.



money iconAverage Household Income:

$73,903, projected to be $80,192 by the year 2025.

house iconAverage Home Value:



Western Iowa’s seven counties are situated conveniently around a few of the Midwest’s arterial highway systems — lending easy access to urban amenities such as international air travel.

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Work Here.

The best complement to a below-average cost living is an above-average income. Our average household income hovers above $70K — projected to be over $80K by the year 2025. Western Iowa is home to a diverse workforce and a wide array of career opportunities. Our expansive broadband access makes it an ideal region to work remotely or begin your business venture.

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Live Here.

Life in Western Iowa increases the velocity of your paycheck. Our cost of living is as low as 80% of the national average. Rent and homeownership are competitive — and so are utility rates, fuel expenses and groceries.

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Recreation & Entertainment

Play Here.

Experience all four seasons — with activities to match. Catch a movie. Embark on a shopping spree. Embrace a diverse array of local festivals and events. Craving an urban excursion? Good news! You’re within short driving distance of the Midwest’s most vibrant cities. To live in Western Iowa is to know a refreshing pace of life and maintain a strong connection with surrounding communities. Choose from dozens of parks, golf courses, hiking trails, lakes, hunting grounds and more.