Unlocking Opportunities: DMACC Templeton Regional Center's Impactful Journey

Unlocking Opportunities: DMACC Templeton Regional Center's Impactful Journey Main Photo

16 Jan 2024

In the heart of Iowa, Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) Templeton Regional Center, nestled within the Carroll Campus, emerges as a beacon of hope and opportunity for high school students across the region. Designed to bridge the gap between ambition and accessibility, the center offers a transformative educational experience, shaping the future workforce and empowering students to realize their dreams.

Providing Access to Higher Education in Rural Communities

“The Templeton Regional Center serves a pivotal role in making higher education accessible to rural students,” says Maggie Steinkamp, DMACC Academic Advisor. “This ensures that geography is not a barrier to learning.” 

For some students in the region, the drive to the Carroll Campus was a hindrance. With the strategic location of the Templeton Regional Center, students now have a closer, more feasible option for gaining in-person, hands-on experience—an essential component for acquiring skills needed in the workforce.

Program Results and Growth

Now in its second year, the program's impact is already evident. Students typically embark on their journey in their junior year, using the first year for exploration and the second to delve deeper into their areas of interest. The program's success lies in its curriculum and in nurturing the seeds of curiosity that lead students toward their career paths.

Diverse Skill Set Development

The Templeton Regional Center caters to a spectrum of career aspirations, offering welding/advanced manufacturing, building trades, basic/advanced CNA programs, and a range of general education courses. According to Steinkamp, “This diversity ensures that students not only acquire specialized skills but also receive a well-rounded education, enhancing their adaptability in an ever-evolving job market.”

Post-Graduation Trajectories

The variety of students attending the Templeton Center reflects the versatility of its offerings. Some students aim for careers in welding, electrician roles, or CNA positions. Concurrently, others pursue general education courses that seamlessly transfer to four-year institutions. The center serves as a launchpad, propelling students towards diverse career trajectories aligned with their passions.

Fostering Confidence and Continued Education

Completing classes at the Templeton Regional Center marks a significant milestone, especially for students who may have doubts about attending college. The center's mission includes dismantling barriers—be they financial or academic—and the experience of taking a college class becomes a transformative first step. The hope is that this initial achievement paves the way for more courses, eventually leading to credentials, further education, and increased confidence in their academic pursuits.

Impact on Regional Workforce Development

“The center's influence extends beyond individual aspirations, directly impacting workforce development in the region,” says Steinkamp. “By equipping local youth with credentials and skills relevant to the region's employment needs, the Templeton Regional Center contributes to fortifying the local workforce. 

The program's success is not just in educating students but in shaping a workforce ready to meet the community’s demands. As DMACC Templeton Regional Center continues to carve a path for students, its significance transcends educational boundaries, becoming a catalyst for regional growth, resilience and a brighter future.

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