Free Tools & Data Available to Business Owners & Site Selectors on the Western Iowa Advantage Website

Free Tools & Data Available to Business Owners & Site Selectors on the Western Iowa Advantage Website Main Photo

8 Sep 2023


Advantage…Western Iowa!  

Western Iowa Advantage One-Stop-Shop Website Drives Economic Development  

If doing business in Western Iowa is as simple as navigating the region’s website, then site selectors should have an easy decision to locate in this economic mecca. Thanks to its compelling, interactive website full of stories, information, news and data, Western Iowa Advantage (WIAD) rolls out its welcome mat before prospective businesses even set foot in the state.   

“The website has been well-received and it's our hope that it drives business and economic development and really highlights the assets of our region,” says Chris Whitaker, Local Assistance Director Region XII Council of Governments. “We will continue to keep the site updated and fresh so site selectors see our story and why we are so proud of the economics within this region.”  

For anyone benchmarking impactful websites that drive engagement, WIAD’s digital community is one to analyze. While site selectors benefit from the website’s deep data and information, the organization also hopes that local businesses in various industries and government officials leverage its content to tell the region’s story. This includes ensuring everyone is aligned with the message that Western Iowa is the place to locate and do business.   

“The number of visitors to the site continues to increase mainly because of the real-life stories that highlight the success of local businesses and the positive business climate we offer our community,” says Sara Executive Director for Audubon County Economic Development (ACED) and the WIAD Chair. “The site also offers data on target industries which gives visitors a chance to see how businesses in their given sector are thriving here. The goal is for people to visit the website, then to come visit Western Iowa.”  

Some of the main features of the site include: 

  • Interactive maps showcasing sites available for businesses, along with accessibility to transportation, acreage, overview of the property, pricing and whom to contact directly for more information 
  • A Laborshed study documenting the region’s employment status, job search resources, education, age and other demographics needed for site selectors to make an informed decision 
  • Industry profiles for 20 major sectors of the Iowa economy comparing such data as wage and employment within different industries over a period of several years 
  • Business spotlights highlighting the success of various sectors in Western Iowa 

“We have a compelling business story to tell and the purpose of the website is to show site selectors and business leaders why our region is the ideal location,” says Whitaker. “If the information on the site is valuable and easy to find – a go-to resource for tools, demographic data and resources within the Western Iowa region – we believe we are ahead of the game in showing why Western Iowa should be in a company’s current or future plans.”  

For more information and to view the WIAD site, please visit


WIAD is ready to take on 2024 keeping an eye on education, support, and business tours while tackling workforce attraction and housing. We are committed to facilitating ongoing improvements in our region’s economy, quality of life, and tourism. Contact us today at 712.792.9914 or and see how easy it can be!  Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.