Vaughn Bauer protege finds niche of his own in custom planter work

12 Aug 2021


David Maach figured if he was going to do business with a Fortune 500 company, it might look a tad more professional if he moved his startup off his dad’s farm.

That’s how LDM Ag Services came to move off a farm south of Beaver and into a proper building of its own in Grand Junction.

Maach’s latest move — into the massive, 56,135-square-foot commercial building on West McKinley Street in Jefferson last occupied by Genesis Development — is an even more impressive look for LDM. 

If nothing else, it suggests that the protege of Vaughn Bauer, the closest thing Greene County has ever had to an industrial magnate, will be one to watch.

“For me, it’s kind of like Bauer Built 2.0. It’s finding a niche and making it happen,” said Maach, 41, who got his start as a mechanical engineer at Bauer Built Manufacturing in Paton in the days of the John Deere DB120, still the largest planter on Earth.

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