Manning Manufacturer Reaches Milestone In Production

1 May 2021

news, Carroll

A local innovative and trailblazing manufacturer in liquid transfer equipment recently reached a milestone as the 300th TTR-20 hose real left the production plant and entered the field. President and CEO of Puck Enterprises of Manning, Jeremy Puck, says they are proud of this accomplishment. “This 300th TTR-20 represents the continued growth of our company and family of brands over the last 40 years,” he says. The hose reel was launched in 2015 and has been a mainstay for dragline operations since, having been updated with new features to enhance its capabilities in the field as new technology evolved. The latest generation includes rear-axle brakes and hydraulically-actuated air brakes in the front axle for better handling with tractors and semis. It has a turntable platform and rotates on bearings instead of a plastic hose plate. The cart is also available with a single- or two-speed motor on both ends. “The TTR-20 is one of the most capable hose reels on the market,” says Sales Manager, Luke Potthoff. “We continue to incorporate new innovations in our products so that our customers can get the job done as effectively and efficiently as possible.” More information on Puck Enterprises and the TTR-20 is available by visiting

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