Audubon County

John James Audubon Plaza and Bird Walk

Visit the John James Audubon Stained Glass Clock. It is 20 feet tall and 8 feet wide. It has exact Universal time and is lighted at night. Admire the John James Audubon Ceramic Tile Mosaics they showcase replicas of Audubon’s prints from “Birds of America.” The mosaics are made by native and nationally known artist, Clint Hansen. Visit the John James Audubon Plaza, a life-sized bronze statue of John James Audubon is in the center of the John James Audubon Park. Audubon native Russ Christensen cast the statue in 1996. This statue is surrounded by native plantings and water feature showing Audubon painting in a natural environment. Listen to Audubon’s story at the birdhouse close by.

Audubon Post Office Mural

This is a 1930’s art project in the Post Office depicts John James Audubon and his party during their journey down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers along with the boatman and owners who dropped by for a little relaxation.

John James Audubon Library Mural

The entrance to the library hosts a large tile mural of John James Audubon and a Great Blue Heron designed by Judy Sutcliffe, Audubon native and nationally known tile artist. The Library houses several John James Audubon prints and books; and has an origami mobile of over 1,200 paper cranes called “Free to Fly” by Linda Merk. The John James Audubon Cultural Center is party of the 1912 Carnegie Library.

John James Audubon Meeting Hall

This facility is decorated with fifty of John James Audubon’s 435 bird prints.

John James Audubon Festival

A celebration of the arts in the spring with an art show, entertainment, food and much more.

‘Albert the Bull’

Albert is the world’s largest bull. He is located on the south edge of Audubon, visible from Highway 71. The lighted statue welcomes visitors to Audubon. It is 30 feet tall and weighs 45 tons with a horn span of 15 feet and is recognized nationally. This gigantic statue is a salute to the beef industry and offers a great photo opportunity.

Operation T-Bone

Audubon’s largest celebration is the first Saturday in August. The festivities include fireworks, a parade, John James Audubon 5K/2K Fun Run & Walk, a talent show, a fabulous Chili Cookoff, variety shows, class reunions, a street dance, Wheeler Power (Car) Show, T-Bone feeders’ auction, horse show, golf tournament, and more!

T-Bone Trail

The trail was built on the rail bed of an abandoned spur in the in the 1990’s. The trail is 12 miles long. The surface is asphalt/concrete. The trail is intended for biking, walking, and roller blading.

“Tree in the Middle of the Road” (Brayton)

The story of “The Tree in the Middle of the Road”. A surveyor was making the line between Audubon and Cass counties and used a slender cottonwood branch as he walked. When the line was established, he pushed it to the soft earth at the exact point where the lines crossed and where the present crossroad was to be in later years. The switch took root and it has grown into today’s tall and widespread 100 foot tree.

“Plow in the Oak Park” (Exira)

At “Plow in the Oak Park” one mile south of Exira, there is a legend that a farmer went off to the Civil War leaving his plow against the sapling. As it grew, the plow became part of the tree. Today, less and less of the plow is visible but there stands yet, a large oak tree, with an iron plow in its heart.

T-Bone Trail

Cyclist, walkers, and hikers enjoy over 20 miles through the beautiful countryside of Audubon County. This trail is part of 2 national trails- American Discovery Trail and Great American Rail Trial. Trailheads are located in Audubon, Hamlin, Exira, and Brayton.

Littlefield Recreation Area

A hidden gem of over 400 acres and 70 acre lake where you can swim, kayak, paddleboard, or fish. The park also has campgrounds, picnic areas, native timber, biking and hiking trails.

Nathaniel Hamlin Park & Museum

The park features one of the last original “poor” houses in the state, machine building with antique farm equipment, a 100 year-old schoolhouse, a 200 foot mural depicting the cattle industry, nature area with trails, and elk.

Albert the Bull- The Word’s Largest Hereford Bull. Stop by and listen to his story and stay at the campground.