Welcome to SizeUp! The First Step to Start or Expand Your Business in Western Iowa

sizeup logoWestern Iowa Advantage is pleased to provide SizeUp to its local businesses…for free.

SizeUp allows WIAD to offer the power of big data to its small business community. For years, large corporations could afford to hire management consultants and research analysts to gain insights through massive — and expensive — data collection to plan a path for their success. Small businesses that have not been able to access, afford, or understand business intelligence like large companies have been informationally disadvantaged.

SizeUp changes all of that. This powerful tool levels the competitive business playing field by providing local businesses with easily understandable market research based on big data, algorithm-based analysis, and super-computing. Small companies can use SizeUp to benchmark and rank their performance against industry competitors.

"This size-up tool has already proven to be easy and useful in helping prospective business owners determine feasibility.  I’ve used it to help several start-ups assess competition as well as get an idea of average sales for that industry on a local, regional, and state level and even see what the average revenue for a single business type is."

SizeUp helps you learn things you didn’t even know about your own company and discover new opportunities. It empowers you to:

  • Discover potential customers, suppliers, and competitors.
  • Identify the best locations to target advertising based on industry and demographic characteristics of your ideal customer.
  • Compare your business performance to your industry competitors across multiple performance indicators. You can answer questions like: 
    • Do I make more or less money than my competitors? 
    • Where are businesses like mine doing better or worse than me? 
    • Am I paying my employees more or less than my competitors? 
    • Is my business in a growing or declining industry? 
    • Plus many other metrics about your business.

Get started below, right on your own computer, right now. It’s easy!