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The Iowa Economic Development Authority has international trade offices in Des Moines, Iowa and throughout the globe in locations including China, Germany,  Mexico and Singapore, working with offices and representatives to assist Iowa companies with global market research, trade missions and trade shows.


Iowa - Des Moines

Iowa Economic Development Authority
200 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50309

China - Beijing
Phoenix Consulting, LLC
Unit 1746
17/F Hyundai Motor Tower
No.38 Xiaoyunlu Street
Chao Yang District
Beijing 100027, P.R. China
Fax: +86-10-8453-9218

Germany - Frankfurt
Iowa European Office
Kleine Hochstrasse 8
D-60313 Frankfurt
+49-69-28 38 58
Fax: +49-69-28 14 93

Mexico - Mexico City
Business Development Partners, S.A. de C.V.
Av. Nuevo Leon no. 95, Desp. 4
Col. Condesa 06170
Mexico, D.F.
+52-55 5286-9002

Southeast Asia
Orissa International Pte Ltd.
1003 Bukit Merah Central
#05-06 Inno Centre
Singapore 159836
Phone:  +65-6225 9667
Fax:  +65-6271 9791


General Inquiries

Phone: 515.348.6243

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RESPONDING TO CONFIDENTIAL INQUIRIES AND PROVIDING SITE LOCATION ASSISTANCE The Iowa Economic Development Authority’s (IEDA) business development team is experienced in working with existing industry expansions and confidential site location reviews. The IEDA provides the needed information to make a decision; schedules location tours; accompanies busines... Learn More
Business Expansion and Strategic Trends (BEST of Iowa) is a statewide business retention and expansion program. The program is an existing business collaborative effort between the local developer, MidAmerican Energy, Alliant Energy, Black Hills Energy, Iowa Area Development Group and the Iowa Economic Development Authority. BEST i... Learn More
HELPING BUSINESSES LEARN ABOUT IOWA LICENSING REQUIREMENTS Iowa does not have a “general business license.” Licensing and other compliance requirements are based on the nature of a business or professional occupation. For more information on the legal requirements for Iowa businesses, visit the Business License Information Center.  To identif... Learn More
DESIGNATING DEVELOPMENT-READY SITES Companies looking to build new facilities are searching for sites suitable for development and relatively risk free. Certified sites fill the demand for project-ready industrial sites - making the decision to locate in Iowa easy. Iowa’s Certified Sites program parallels a typical site locatio... Learn More
FUNDING COMMUNITY COLLEGE-SPONSORED EMPLOYEE TRAINING PROJECTS The Community College Consortium (260F) program provides funding assistance for community college-sponsored employee training projects in which two or more businesses participate.  Iowa's 15 community colleges work with eligible businesses to assess training needs, determine funds needed and provide training Valuable employe... Learn More
HELPING BUSINESSES DEVELOP AND BRING NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND CONCEPTS TO MARKET The Demonstration Fund is designed to provide assistance to companies with market-ready innovative technologies or products that have a clear potential for commercial viability. Assists companies with marketing and business development activities Helps businesses with high-growth potential reac... Learn More
WORKING WITH BUSINESSES TO PROVIDE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES The Economic Development Set Aside (EDSA) program provides financial assistance to businesses and industries requiring assistance to create or retain job opportunities in Iowa. EDSA develops viable communities that provide economic opportunities for people, especially those with low- and moderat... Learn More
ASSISTANCE CREATING AN ESOP FEASIBILITY STUDY Iowa incentivizes the creation of ESOPs to retain businesses. Companies with an ESOP can sell the business to its employees when the owners retire or start a new business. An ESOP allows owners to share equity with employees and provide... Learn More
The state of Iowa is the perfect place to expand, locate or start a business. The state’s pro-business policies, nationally recognized research centers and legendary Midwestern work ethic give businesses with an Iowa location a huge competitive edge. Those business advantages paired with a lo... Learn More
Der Bundesstaat Iowa bietet ein hervorragendes Geschäftsumfeld für wachstumsorientierte Unternehmen, die ihren Marktanteil und ihre Wirtschaftlichkeit in den USA steigern möchten. Unternehmen in Iowa profitieren von einer unternehmerfreundlichen Politik, national anerkannten Forschungszentren sowie gut ausgebildeten und produktiven Arbeitskräften. Weitere Standortvorteile, wie die niedrigen durchschnittlichen Unternehmenskosten... Learn More
ASSISTING BUSINESSES AND CREATING OPPORTUNITIES FOR IOWA’S SKILLED WORKFORCE The High Quality Jobs (HQJ) program provides qualifying businesses assistance to off-set some of the costs incurred to locate, expand or modernize an Iowa facility. This flexible program includes loans, forgivable loans, tax credits, exemptions and/or refunds... Learn More
CONNECTING ENTREPRENEURS AND SMALL BUSINESSES TO RESOURCES is where business begins in Iowa. The mission is to help small businesses succeed by providing complimentary and easy access to assistance needed to start and grow a business. Utilize IASourceLink to access: Resource Navigator - a portal connecting entrepreneurs t... Learn More
CERTIFYING HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT TARGETED EMPLOYMENT AREAS The EB-5 program is administered by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and allows foreign investors to obtain a visa if certain investment and job creation requirements are met. The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) identifies and certifies Targete... Learn More
ENCOURAGING INVESTMENTS IN VENTURE CAPITAL FUNDS THAT INVEST IN IOWA STARTUPS The Innovation Fund Tax Credit was created to stimulate venture capital investment in innovative Iowa businesses. Individual investors receive tax credits equal to 25 percent of an equity investment in a certified Innovation Fund. I... Learn More
PROVIDING IOWA COMPANIES RESOURCES TO SUCCEED IN THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE The Iowa Economic Development Authority’s (IEDA) International Trade Office markets the directory to buyers outside the United States interested in Iowa products. IOWA DIRECTORY OF EXPORTERS The Iowa Directory of Exporters includes Iowa companies interested in or currently exporting products... Learn More
ASSISTING IOWA SMALL BUSINESSES EXPAND IN NEW MARKETS The Iowa Economic Development Authority's (IEDA) International Trade Office (ITO), in partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration’s State Trade Expansion Program (STEP), offers financial assistance to eligible Iowa small companies to help companies market their products and service... Learn More
PROMOTING IOWA GOODS AND SERVICES INTERNATIONALLY The Iowa Economic Development Authority's (IEDA) International Trade Office (ITO) organizes trade missions, trade shows and in-bound international buyers groups. Iowa businesses can also access international market research through IEDA’s global offices and representatives. Trade Missions and Trade Shows Trade missions offer ... Learn More
STRENGTHENING IOWA’S PRESENCE IN THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE The Iowa Economic Development Authority's (IEDA) International Trade Office (ITO) assists Iowa companies in developing or expanding into international markets and marketing products and services. Individual Consultation Individual consultation is offered via one-on-one export counseling. This provides Iowa businesses with invaluable resource... Learn More
Quarterly newsletter from the IEDA's International Trade Office. Learn More
TRAINING EMPLOYEES THROUGH APPRENTICESHIPS  There are more than 1,000 occupations eligible for apprenticeship training grants, from accounting specialists to nurses. Registered apprenticeships are a proven approach to preparing workers for in-demand jobs and meeting the needs of business for a highly skilled workforce that can innovat... Learn More
HELPING IOWA BUSINESSES PROVIDE TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES FOR NEW JOBS The Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training (260E) program provides businesses expanding Iowa’s workforce with new employee training. 260E is designed to increase worker productivity and company profitability. Administered by Iowa's 15 community colleges and financed through bonds sol... Learn More
HELPING EMERGING INDUSTRIES COMMERCIALIZE TECHNOLOGY The Iowa Innovation Acceleration Fund promotes formation and growth of businesses that engage in the transfer of technology to competitive, profitable companies that create high-paying jobs. Funds are designed to accelerate the pace of market development, leverage private investment and industria... Learn More
TRAINING CURRENT EMPLOYEES OF IOWA COMPANIES The Iowa Jobs Training Program (260F) provides job training services to current employees of eligible businesses. Helps companies train current employees with new skills Eligible businesses work with the local community college, which will assess training needs, determine funds available and provide training Valuabl... Learn More
ASSISTING BUSINESSES WITH A FUTURE WORKFORCE AND LINKING IOWA STUDENTS TO CAREERS The Iowa Student Internship Program provides grants to small and medium-sized companies in targeted industries to support internship programs with a goal of transitioning interns to full-time employment in Iowa upon graduation. The goa... Learn More
ASSISTING BUSINESSES AND EXPANDING EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES This one-time, corporate income tax credit is available to participants in the New Jobs Training (260E) Program. Iowa offers this credit as an incentive for businesses that provide additional training to employees and expand their workforce. Maximum tax credit in 2018 i... Learn More
HELPING COMPANIES REACH COMMERCIALIZATION The Proof of Commercial Relevance (POCR) program is designed to define and articulate the opportunity for businesses that demonstrate a proof-of-concept for innovative technology. Awards up to $25,000 in low interest loans with a 1:2 (private:public) match Recommend the applicant has completed initial inquir... Learn More
FINDING THE RIGHT LOCATION FOR BUSINESSES TO GROW Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) provides access to robust information for companies looking to expand or relocate and can help find the perfect site or location. Learn More
Iowa offers the first in the nation Renewable Chemicals Production Tax Credit. The program incentivizes the production of 30 high-value chemicals derived from biomass feedstocks. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the credit represents the “strongest” incentive package for the bio-based chemical industry. Iowa develope... Learn More
REFUNDABLE TAX CREDITS FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT INVESTMENTS MAKE COMPANIES MORE PROFITABLE Iowa sets itself apart as being one of the few states to offer a refundable research activities credit. Iowa companies earn refundable tax credits for research and development investments that may be paid directl... Learn More
HELPING COMPANIES APPLY FOR FEDERAL SMALL BUSINESS FUNDING The Iowa Economic Development Authority has delegated the delivery of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Outreach Program to the Iowa Innovation Corporation to help companies apply for federal small business funding... Learn More
HELPING IOWA EMPLOYERS HIRE STEM STUDENTS The Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Internship program provides grants to Iowa companies for internship programs with a goal of transitioning interns to full-time employment in Iowa upon graduation. The goal is to retain educated workers in Iowa. Maximum award to an employe... Learn More
ASSISTING BUSINESSES AND ENCOURAGING DEVELOPMENT IN PILOT CITIES The Targeted Jobs Withholding Tax Credit is a pilot program that allows diversion of withholding funds paid by an employer to be matched by a designated pilot city to create economic incentives directed toward the growth and expansio... Learn More
ASSISTING MINORITIES IN STARTING OR GROWING A BUSINESS The Targeted Small Business (TSB) program is designed to help women, individuals with minority status, service-connected disabled veterans and individuals with disabilities overcome some of the hurdles to start or grow a small business in Iowa. Certification Benefits Listing i... Learn More
Laborshed wages are calculated based on an employment area's actual commuting patterns and exclude retail and healthcare wages, among others; the resulting wage is more representative of a true starting wage for the types of businesses eligible for assistance. Eligibility Jobs must pay a starting wage of 100... Learn More