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Western Iowa Living

More than a great home for business, we’re a great place to call home – period. When it’s occasionally necessary to move or recruit top talent from across the US (or help retain current workers), the benefits of living in Western Iowa are easy to highlight and hard to leave behind. In contrast to an urban lifestyle, our region can provide a refreshing change of pace while still maintaining a strong connection to the rest of the world.

It’s easy to feel a difference as soon as you step off the plane – clean air, uncongested highways, low crime and friendly neighborhoods are the norm in our communities. But that’s not to say our communities are sleepy. Many are vibrant, growing towns with a diverse array of both local and national retailers, restaurants, hotels and more.

When we do crave a little urban excursion, we’re only an hour or two by car to a handful of innovative Midwestern cities and their convenient, uncrowded airports. Many residents make use of their low living expenses by applying those savings to travel, creating a convenient central home base for exploring the US.

Residents take great pride in their sense of community. In Western Iowa, support is a two-way street: the community supports the businesses and in return the businesses support the community. This culture of cooperation delivers a great quality of life.