Strong Existing Agriculture Industry

Western Iowa’s rural landscape and rich agricultural history make it the perfect place for value-added agricultural services. Opportunities include scientific and technical consulting services, soil preparation services, veterinary services in support of agriculture, and many more.

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#1 National Producer usda 2014 State Agriculture Overview | #2 National Soybean Producer | Iowa is a major player when it comes to feeding the United States.

Access To Markets

With its centralized location and convenient Interstate access, companies in Western Iowa have access to an abundance of raw materials and a market of over 25 million people within a day’s drive (500 miles). (source:

Access: 4 Major Railways, 4 Major Interstates, 8 County and 2 International Airports. Our central location provides you timely delivery coast to coast.
Employers Primary Service Employees
AMVC Livestock Production Support 500+
Ag Processing Soybean Processing 50-75
Flint Hills Resources Ethanol 50-75
Louis Dreyfus Commodities Ethanol 50-75
The Andersons Ethanol 25-50
Iowa Corn Processors Value-Added Corn Products 25-50
POET Ethanol 25-50
Quad-County Corn Processors Ethanol 25-50
SoyPlus Soy Value-Added Products 25-50
Western Iowa Energy Biodiesel 25-50
American Natural Soy Soy Extraction & Refinement 1-25
Renewable Energy Group Biodiesel 1-25
Struve Labs Swine Rearing Laboratory 1-25

Wage Comparison

The Iowa workforce provides excellent value to the bio-services industry.

Occupation Iowa USA
Animal Scientists $33.26 $34.90
Agriculture & Food Scientists $30.58 $31.85
Soil & Plant Scientists $33.86 $31.10
Biochemists & Biophysicists $35.04 $44.21
Environmental Scientists & Specialists, Including Health $31.14 $34.64
Veterinarians $45.08 $47.23


Nationally Ranked TOP 10 on Cost of Doing Business and Quality of Life. Source: CNBC America's Top States for Business 2015

Quality of Life

Employers and residents are consistently positive when talking about Western Iowa’s high quality of life. The low cost of living, high air and water quality and recreational opportunities are just a few of the advantages of living in the region.


With crime ratings well below the US average, surrounding states and even Iowa as a whole, Western Iowa offers a safer environment for you, your family and your assets.


The four community colleges that serve the region offer a variety of programs in agriculture, agribusiness, agricultural technology, biotechnology, livestock and crop production,and veterinary technology.

Des Moines Area Community College


Iowa Central Community College


Southwestern Community College


Western Iowa Tech Community College


The state’s 2 large research universities, Iowa State University and the University of Iowa, provide a specialized, knowledgeable workforce and opportunities for innovation in this sector.

Factor 8 County Region Iowa Illinois Minnesota Missouri Nebraska South Dakota Wisconsin United States
Cost of Living 81.9 89 96 103 91 89 98 98 100
(Lower is better)
Air Quality 96.9 92.7 59.5 87 84.2 90.1 94.6 91.1 93.9
Water Quality 75.3 62 36 42 73 40 41 46 55
(Higher is better)
Crime Ratings 8 County Region Iowa Illinois Minnesota Missouri Nebraska South Dakota Wisconsin United States
Violent Crime 26 39.8 46 36.5 47.1 40.3 38.6 37.4 41.4
Property Crime 28.1 37.1 41.5 40.5 45.3 41.5 32.2 39 43.5
1=low, 100=high
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Doug Clausen, President of VT Industries