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Why Iowa?

If you think Iowa is about corn, you're right.  It's our gold, our oil…it helps fuel an economy that's robust and growing.  If, however, you think Iowa is only agriculture, you're wrong.  Our agronomic ecosystem has spawned a diverse economy that bucks negative national and international trends.

Iowa’s strong agricultural roots and history of manufacturing are driving opportunities for entrepreneurial and innovative companies in manufacturing, food processing, transportation and warehousing, as well as growing technologies such as biotech and data centers.

Much of what you know about Iowa is true. It's what you don't know about Iowa that will put us in contention for your business.

In your business, you never lose track of the bottom line; and in Iowa we work to reduce major expenses that you’d rather reinvest into your vision for the company’s future.

Property in Iowa is an incredible bargain, especially compared to skyrocketing costs elsewhere in the US. Utilities are not only abundant, but they’re also cheap due to investments in renewable resources such as wind and solar energy across the state. In fact, Iowa is commonly ranked as the #1 state in wind energy production.

In addition, a proactive and responsive business tax, regulatory and legal framework position Iowa among the nation’s most “business friendly” states.

A right-to-work state, Iowa has a strong track record of enacting progressive, pro-business legislation that creates favorable conditions for both existing companies and those considering relocating here. In addition, the state provides programs and resources to assist new and expanding businesses with business development funding, tax credits and programs, workforce recruitment and training and more.

We also understand that at the helm of your project, you need capable and hard-working people to make your business move. Thankfully Iowa is home to one of the most celebrated public school systems in the US, touting high graduation rates and impressive secondary learning participation. With 14 accredited engineering schools, Iowa colleges and universities annually deliver more than 5,300 graduates to the workforce in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. Blue collar businesses also thrive in Iowa due to the prevalent Midwestern work ethic and the state’s strong focus on growing technical skills. Our numerous community colleges quickly implement programs that target specific skills for our growing companies.

Plus, the Iowan hospitality you’ve heard about is true – and makes for a more conducive work environment. Maybe it’s our upbringing. We’re friendly people, especially when it comes to business. If you want to locate or expand here, you’ll find a state that welcomes you with open arms. And with opportunities as far as the eye can see. To learn more about what we can offer your business, call Western Iowa Advantage today. Contact Rick Hunsaker at 712.775.7800.