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The Western Iowa Advantage region is home to 87,345 well-educated persons, 49,000+ of whom are in the workforce and help our region’s companies grow and be profitable. This population is spread more or less evenly among the 8 counties, where the largest city is just over 10,000. Our rural nature means that new companies quickly are incorporated into the fabric of our communities. The success of the economic venture is the success of all of us together.

Workers typically commute from all directions for quality jobs. Your location will have access to well-trained workers. Increasingly, these workers are becoming more diverse in their age, ethnicity, and experience. In fact. one of our counties boasts a third of its population as persons belonging to a minority races.

According to the US Census, among those employed that live in the region, Agribusiness (16.3%), Biomedical/Biotechnical (10%), Energy (5%), Business & Financial Services (5%), and Manufacturing (4%) have the greatest concentration of laborers. Typical of a vibrant rural area, private ventures dominate our top sectors, with the government and non-profit sectors at lower percentages.

Those that live here aren’t the only ones who work here or may work here, though. Our labor catchment area is home to a potential labor force of 178,952 people. This population has many talents, with the following five fields topping the list: Healthcare & Social Services (18.7%), Education (13.1%), Manufacturing (12.8%), Wholesale & Retail Trade (12.2%), and Agriculture (9.0%). Among these workers, over 74% have some level of education beyond high school.

Labor costs are reasonable, with annual average county wages in the region ranging from $34, 110 - $41,132. In our labor shed this is slightly higher at approximately $55,000. Let us show you how our citizens are the perfect match for your company’s needs.

Learn more about our labor force in our labor shed executive summary here.